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In the first book written AND illustrated by award-winning dynamo Vashti Harrison, Bigbeautifully details a child’s journey to self-acceptance and highlights the impact of words - how they can both hurt and heal. Like the message in this book, Big is oversized and overflowing with thought, care and love.

Winner of the Caldecott Medal! A Coretta Scott King Award Author and Illustrator Honor book, a National Book Award finalist, and a New York Times bestseller! This deeply moving story shares valuable lessons about fitting in, standing out, and the beauty of joyful acceptance, from an award-winning creator.

The first picture book written and illustrated by award-winning creator Vashti Harrison traces a child’s journey to self-love and shows the power of words to both hurt and heal. With spare text and exquisite illustrations, this emotional exploration of being big in a world that prizes small is a tender portrayal of how you can stand out and feel invisible at the sa
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