Ten Frame With Clouds
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Ten Frame With Clouds

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Ten frames are a fun and beautiful way to learn to count 1-10. This super fun twist using the clouds and raindrops adds a little bit of whimsy and a whole lot of intuitive learning. The clouds increase in color intensity as the number grows, intuitively telling the kids there should be more raindrops. 💧Learn to count 💧Add 💧Subtraction 💧Develop number sense 💧Develop fine motor skills 💧Learn even and odd numbers 💧Compare two numbers and find which is bigger and which is smaller So many fun things to do!! The ten frame is made of hardwood maple. The cloud inserts are made of aspen and printed with nontoxic CMYK ink. Balls are made of 100% wool. Material - Maple, Birch, CMYK ink, Wool, Linseed oil

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